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Manuel works as a systems architect and project tech lead at Kubermatic GmbH, where he supports customers in designing and building complex cloud-native infrastructures. His favorite technologies include Kubernetes, Go and the Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform.

About Manuel

Over 7 years experience in managing and automating applications and the underlying infrastructure as a part of product and operations teams enable Manuel to quickly grok complex enterprise systems and underlying requirements and constraints. Being directly integrated into development teams allowed him to gain a unique perspective that integrates development workflows with infrastructure constraints and organisational dynamics. In the last couple of years work shifted from hardcore system administration and software development to more and more systems and solution architecture and enabling peers through trainings and consulting in the cloud-native space. Core technologies of platforms developed and maintained over the years revolve mainly around Go, Docker, Kubernetes and the cloud-native ecosystem, but also include classical linux system administration, Python, Bash and configuration management systems. Excellent communication skills, being able to integrate quickly and smoothly into teams with diverse backgrounds, taking initiative on hard topics and being focused on finding solutions are core competencies of Manuel.

In his free time he likes to get on his motorcycle, cook or dive deep into the latest and greatest of cloud-native technologies and products.

If you want to contact Manuel, you can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn or send him an email via manuel at stoessel . dev